Proportion Dolls

There is a lot that can be learned and communicated working with only flat shape figures. Silhouette puppets, the paintings of Ancient Egyptians, and Native American ledger drawings are the first examples that come to my mind.

My proportion dolls are a beginner tool for learning to draw basic figure proportions. The wooden mannequins you see in most art supply stores are good for practicing three dimensional form, these dolls are good for practicing the first step - shape.

Examples of things that can be practiced using flat, basic shape proportion dolls are: measurement, direction, negative space, gesture, silhouette, line quality, accuracy, overlaps, expression, movement, composition, and basic anatomy. Some indication of dimension can even be added using curved lines over the flat base shapes.

The dolls with the pink torsos are based on proportions generally used in drawing instructional books and the others are variations because no one is exactly the proportions of the classical model and it’s neat to see how the same shapes in different proportions create different looks.

I hope to have them up for sale soon. If you are interested in purchasing one please email me