I’m an illustrator, diagram maker, and seeker and sharer of information on drawing humans.

I am working on an online resource for basic information on how to draw people when the goal is communication and personal expression. Click the Book section above to check it out.

I am looking to create a simple guide that is geared towards anyone, not just people who are looking to be professional artists. I am interested in what the very basics of drawing people are and how to best to teach them.

I have a passion for drawing educational material that comes from finding wonderful teachers - years after graduating from college with an art degree. Karl Gnass, Will Weston, Mark McDonnell, Alex Topette, Steve Brown, Nathan FowkesKevin Chen, Stephen Silver, Ray Bustos, and Amanda Jolly, along with the books and online resources I’ve found through and because of them, totally changed how I see drawing and life.

Pin Up Boys