Private Drawing Lessons

Lessons are given at my studio in Danbury, CT, the Gilbert & Bennett Cultural Center in Redding, CT.

I am a professional artist with 10+ years of experience in illustration, cartooning, and classical figure drawing. I teach basic, practical figure drawing with the purpose of telling stories, making visual observations, and expressing ideas, thoughts, and feelings.  I show how to draw quickly, fluidly, accurately, and expressively both from observation and imagination.

My focus is on the technical aspects of figure drawing and composition such as basic shape, proportion, anatomy, perspective, and design.  I demonstrate concepts through my own drawing in conjunction with a library of drawing instruction books and a database of digital content to show multiple perspectives on the material.

I have great enthusiasm for the concepts and principals that allow me to draw both for a living and for my own personal fulfillment.   Drawing is a valuable skill for communication and is a really fun thing to be able to do. I teach in a friendly way that encourages exploration and experimentation.

Please check out my portfolio for examples of my work.  If you would like to schedule a lesson, or have any questions, please email

Thank you